resource management for architects

Resource Management

Easy-to-use resource management tools, as part of a world-renowned practice management software for the modern architectural practice

Make better people decisions, supported by real-time data

  • Productivity & utilization reporting
  • Track skills & competencies
  • Drag + drop resourcing tool

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Manage Resources in Real-time

The problem with most resource management software isn’t the initial set-up of resourcing data: it’s keeping on top of the changes.

CMap’s cutting-edge resourcing tools for architects empowers you to make super-quick changes and get instant feedback on how they impact the project outcome.

With stunning reports that spell-out people’s availability, skills, and more, you can be confident you’re making the right moves.

CMap staff utilisation

Increase Staff Utilization

Utilization is a super-important metric. Put simply, any improvement in utilization goes straight to the bottom line.

That’s why CMap's resource management software for architects has productivity targets and powerful, insightful utilization and productivity reports waiting for you straight out of the box.

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CMap make confident hiring decisions

Make Confident Hiring Decisions

Many companies struggle with hiring decisions due to a lack of facts and figures.

CMap's resource management software for architects transforms your data into a beautiful “Staffing Prediction” report, vividly painting out where you have manageable short-lived spikes in demand and sustained increases requiring extra capacity, giving you the confidence to make decisions early.

CMap track skills

Track Skills & Competencies

Using CMap's resource management software, tracking your people’s skills and competencies has never been easier thanks to the “custom fields” functionality, which allows you to tailor your resourcing criteria to your needs.

Need a Spanish speaker? No problem. Need someone with pharmaceutical experience? You got it. The skills you track automatically flow through to resourcing reports, helping you to make the right calls and place the right people on the right projects.

End-to-End Project Management Software

Unlike standalone resource management tools, with CMap everything is joined up.

Resourcing decisions impact project budgets in real-time, putting you on the front foot to make the right calls to deliver your projects profitably.

"Resourcing is a lot more clear and efficient. We can monitor that, whereas in the past we would manipulate spreadsheets."

Eoin Ryan, Lovelock Mitchell

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