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Beta vs Sandbox


We’re delighted to open the CMap Summer 2021 Release in Beta! Here’s some important information you need to be aware of:

Beta opens Tue 29 June, with the Live launch following on Mon 12 July. This means you have a two-week head start to get familiarised and prepared before the functionality is rolled-out to your colleagues on Live

Beta runs on your LIVE database, this is not a “test” environment. Anything you do in Beta, you are doing for real. We also recommend that you limit the number of people using the Beta to a small, core group to ensure optimal performance

HR module updates


We’ve made four significant HR-related updates that will enable you to do more with the functionality:

1. Create the distinction between “Me”, “My People” and “Other People” in Security Groups for HR Pages.

2. Enable private self-serve fields to be shown in the self-serve section of the user profile.

3. Set the default starting position for HR custom fields to Private on set-up.

4. Remove sensitive fields from the “Customise Columns” options in user grids e.g. Actual Cost Rate, Sales Target, Productivity Target, etc.

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HR module CMap services


Whilst you're able to set up the HR module yourself, our CMap Services Team are also on hand to assist with the design, roll-out and adoption of the module.

Services range from reviewing existing HR business processes, to building custom HR pages, documenting SOPs, importing data, delivering training, and more.

Beyond HR, there are also a number of CMap services packages available aimed at helping you optimise your usage of CMap.

Contact Ben Jervis for more info.

Extra activities updates


Whilst we intend to do a larger review of the activities functionality in the Spring 2021 release, there were some items we wanted to act on now:

1. A new “Copy From Fee Estimator” function automatically brings tasks from the Fee Estimator over as activities so they can be assigned to individuals.

2. An “Is Empty” filter has been added to the “Category” field in the grids, so they can be be filtered and updated.

3. Automated Activity Templates can now be applied to potential projects, even if you don’t set a Project Manager and Co-pilot(s) at this stage.

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New invoice button


We’ve made a subtle change to the invoice creation button in CMap

The change tidies up and standardises the interface across all editions

Now, rather than having a multitude of buttons and links, you’ll find a single, clean Create button, which opens-up the relevant options e.g. creating a draft, creating an invoice, etc.

Stricter invoicing controls

You now have the option to apply further restrictions on invoices, including preventing edits to created invoices, disable the Word format so only PDFs can be created, and more...

Invoicing PIs in resourced T&M

You're now able to include purchase invoices (as well as timesheets and personal expenses, of course) on Resourced Time & Materials invoices.

QuickBooks online integration

CMAP now passes the State through from the invoicing address to solve an issue with the automated tax function in US instances of QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks desktop integration

An all-new QuickBooks Desktop integration launches at the end of the Beta period. To find out more, please email [email protected]

PTO (paid time off)

We’ve launched a new feature to automatically administer leave on an accrual basis i.e. a person gains X number of days leave for each week, 2-weeks, month, etc. they work.

AEC invoice template bookmarks

We've created a new version of the Stage Breakdown bookmark that only shows “won” stages and sums up the fee and externals - as well as making a tweak to the existing one.

Download the CMap Winter 2020 Release Pack