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CRM for professional services

Professional services companies are unique. You don’t have career sales people responsible for new business. Instead, you have individuals with a background in delivery... who are busy with a thousand other things.

Regular CRMs are built for product companies and overflow with irrelevant features. CMap’s CRM is built specifically for services companies and is brimming with highly-targeted and intuitive functionality.

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Centralized contacts database

The companies and contacts within your known universe are one of your greatest assets. CMap ensures that this critical data is accessible and secure.

CMap is packed full of tools that help your people effortlessly get contact data where it needs to be—into the database—and helps you to keep your data accurate and up-to-date.

A rock-solid contacts database is at your fingertips.

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The power of inbuilt CRM

With a separate CRM, data is inconsistent. For example, a “deal value” may be nothing more than a number typed into a field. Whereas CMap’s innovative “Fee Estimator” robustly calculates this value, considering roles, rates and deliverables.

Separate CRMs are limited to a pipeline-only view, but with CMap you get the full picture: combining pipeline and live project data into powerful, consistent reporting.

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360° Customer views

CMap provides a 360° view of clients, including a breakdown of past, present and future projects, as well as performance data that highlights how successful your projects are with the client.

Combined with CMap’s “activities” functionality to record interactions (e.g. sales follow-up, meeting notes, etc.), you have everything you need to provide a tailored and appropriate experience to your clients.

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CMap microsoft outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook integration

People live within email, which is why we took popular functionality from the web-app and put it at their fingertips within Outlook.

When a new opportunity hits your inbox, the days of manually creating an opportunity in the CRM are over. With “CMap For Outlook”, opportunities are recorded without ever needing to leave the comfort of your inbox.

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Cross-Sell additional services

Companies with a wider portfolio of services are often missing out on cross-sell opportunities into their existing client-base.

CMap’s “Sales Matrix” report shows you the services clients have—and haven’t—bought, identifying the white space, and enabling you to take proactive steps to promote relevant services and generate new opportunities.

"It’s really good to see the client base being worked and the product being moved forward to the demands of the existing client base – it’s massively positive that you can make these suggestions and there’s a good chance it will actually happen if other users think it’s worthwhile: we never had anything like that before."

Mark Camidge, Chaplin Farrant

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