Goodbye WorkflowMax, hello CMap.

When Xero retires WorkflowMax on June 26th, 2024, don't get left in the dark.

Trust CMap, the leading, industry-tailored project and resource management software, to keep you and your projects up to speed, with a powerful suite of utilization, CRM & BI tools.

We’ve helped plenty of WorkflowMax users migrate to CMap in the past—and to make things even simpler, we've got an exclusive discount offer ready for when you make the switch.

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The ultimate WorkflowMax replacement

See how CMap compares to WorkflowMax

Xero Integration
Eliminate double keying with a seamless integration for sales invoices, purchases invoices & expenses
Industry specific functionality
Budget to RIBA stages as an Architect / Engineer, or forecast utilisation & revenue as a Consultant
Sophisticated CRM
Manage pipeline, generate proposals and factor potential projects into resourcing decisions
Advanced Resourcing
Track availability, optimise utilisation and forecast staffing demand vs. capacity
Powerful Business Intelligence Tools
Generate real-time insights with flexible custom reporting, portfolio analysis and customisable dashboards
Intuitive User Experience
Easy-to-use and loved by users, driving strong adoption and business value
"CMap stands out from the others on the market because of the fresh modern look of it and the amount of functionality it's offering to the users"
Tanya Quelch, Global Business Systems Manager, Grimshaw
"The CMap team has been fantastic to work with, and pulled out all the stops to ensure implementation went as smoothly as possible"
Phil Ruelle, Chief Digital Officer, BDO Jersey


What is CMap?

CMap is an industry-tailored CRM, project and resource management platform.  

With tens of thousands of users around the world, our software liberates consultants, architects and engineers from endless spreadsheets and disparate systems, providing a single platform for operational success.

What's happening to WorkflowMax?

The WorkflowMax product is being retired on 26 June 2024.

The product won’t be available after this date, and existing customers will need to find an alternative solution or move to “WorkflowMax by BlueRock”, a new product which is currently being built by a third party.

Does CMap integrate with Xero?

Yes – Xero is our clients’ most common finance integration. Our two-way integration is very similar to WorkflowMax’s, spanning sales invoices, purchase invoices and expenses.

Have you got previous experience in transitioning companies from WorkflowMax
to CMap?

We’ve successfully transitioned many firms over to CMap, typically when they’ve outgrown WorkflowMax or ran into resourcing & reporting limitations.

David Miller Architects had exactly these problems, and after migrating to CMap stated: “It's joined up and it connects everything together around our finances and where people are spending their time. As a result, we know where we stand and that can only be a good thing.”

How big do we need to be to use CMap?

Our minimum number of licences is 10, and we work with companies approaching 1000 staff. Our product is deliberately more sophisticated than WorkflowMax’s, but is available in four plans, crafted for the differing requirements of different sizes of firms.

David Miller Architects, who moved from WorkflowMax, commented: “When I saw that big practices were using CMap, I made the assumption that it was going to be out of our reach in terms of cost and complexity. But by adopting CMap it has actually saved us money because we've been able to proactively deal with issues and make better, more sustainable decisions."

How would moving to CMap work?

We have a slick process for getting clients live, and with our Quick Start onboarding you can migrate over in just a few weeks.  

Understanding the stress WorkflowMax clients are under, if you switch over to CMap before June 30th, 2023, you’ll get three months free on your subscription (so no risk of “paying twice” as you migrate data across) and free Quick Start onboarding.