Project management software for architects

Our project management software for architects unites CRM, project management, and reporting into one beautiful, easy-to-use platform, empowering you to better understand and predict your business

Spend less time chasing and crunching numbers and more time on what you love: design and creativity

Trusted by architects & engineers of all sizes

Win more work

Quote the way you quote. No compromises

Generic project management software falls short because it uses generic budgeting tools

Our project management software for architects offers intuitive budgeting tools tailored for the unique demands of built environment projects

Nurture relationships & turbo charge your pipeline

Keep track of meeting activity and lead progression so you know where you're up to

The best part? Pipeline is automatically factored into forecasts, giving you the clearest possible picture of future demand

Get in front of your audience & turn prospects into pipeline

Engage prospects with automated email marketing—for example, for distributing a company newsletter

Attribute leads to campaigns, for example, industry events, to calculate their effectiveness and ROI

Put your best foot forward with eye catching proposals

Rapidly create proposal documents from pre-defined templates, store documents in the cloud, and collaborate on them with the MS Teams (SharePoint) integration

Integrated document & email management 

CMap has acquired Atvero, a leading provider of Sharepoint-based email and document management software, to create the AEC industry's first ever cloud-based, best-of-breed project, document and email management solution

"Our system is future-proof with CMap. It will adapt as our business grows and changes. In fact, it already has!"
Alex Wong, Financial Controller, Planit-IE
“I recommend CMap if you’re looking for a platform that gives you good transparency regarding project performance.”
Andy Avery, Practice Director, Buttress
"Life is so much easier with CMap. You can’t overestimate what people ask or how they want data to be displayed. CMap allows me to build and manipulate my own reports. That was a big selling point for me.”
Jo Shannon, Financial Director, TMD Building Consultancy
"We used to be working completely blind. Now, with CMap, we know exactly what the rest of the year is going to look like as we process through our financial year. That's because we can see the profitability of projects as we go along."
India Cummins, Studio Manager, Bell Phillips Architects
“CMap is extremely empowering. Our project managers are blown away by what they can do”
Sara Czerwinski, Managing Partner, Coen & Partners

Deliver more profitably

Make better decisions for you & your people

Our architecture project management software is brimming with tools to help you accurately predict cost to completes, future resource demand, utilization, and much more

And with the ability to factor skills and competencies into your resource planning, you'll keep everyone happy and fulfilled

Silky smooth invoicing & revenue functionality

Simplify invoicing and revenue. Take the pain out of billing, with functionality tailored for the reality of billing complicated built environment projects

And, if/when you're ready for revenue recognition, we've got that covered too!

Timesheets so easy to use ... people actually use them

Simplify timesheets and expenses. Considering how pivotal timesheet data is to understanding performance in an architecture firm, it's amazing how often this functionality is, in a word, awful

We can't promise that people won't be behind on their timesheets, but we can promise you that they'll have no legitimate excuse

Empower project managers to act before it's too late

Empower project managers to act before it's too late. Timesheet and expenses data flow onto the project in real-time, combining with cost to completes to predict where your architectural projects are heading

With a permanent finger on the pulse, you'll be on the front foot to react and avoid those out-of-the-blue surprises

"With CMap, everyone on our team can drill down into the data to answer important questions about the state of the practice’s business. We can see right away whether a project is being performed at a profit or a loss.”
Laura Gore, Head of Finance, Make
"CMap stands out from the others on the market because of the fresh modern look of it and the amount of functionality it's offering to the users"
Tanya Quelch, Global Business Systems Manager, Grimshaw

Make better business decisions

Total control. Never miss a beat

Our dashboard and alerts keep your teams fully up to speed and able to take action, fast

Project starting to drift? CMap lets you know. Invoices ready to be processed? CMap lets you know. Fully customizable, CMap dashboards ensure you're never in the dark again

Understand & predict your business like never before

Too often, firms are looking backwards instead of forwards. CMap empowers businesses to focus on what lies ahead, meticulously transforming your data into first-class management information

Slice & dice your data from any angle

 Take reporting to the next level, deep-diving into any area of your business

Portfolios shows you where to double down and where to pull back, transforming your strategic capabilities

Your data, how you want it

Interrogate your data any way you see fit using our custom report builder tool. Other project management systems capture data but make it difficult to do anything useful with it

CMap project management software brings your data to life, empowering you to make better and better business decisions



What is architectural project management software?

It’s a type of software that helps architecture firms manage their projects more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and deliver better outcomes for clients. These project management tools can help architects track progress of projects and improve project planning.

Will CMap integrate with our accounting software?

CMap for Architects & Engineers seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero accounting softwares, combining CMap’s easy-to-use project management system with continued use of your accounting software of choice.

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